Local Highways

B3153 Traffic Reports

The B3153 Traffic Management Group is composed of Councillor representatives from Castle Cary Town Council (Sally Snook), Ansford Parish Council (Alan Gibbons), Carymoor Parish Council (Jim Shannon & Martin Roberts) and Lydford-on-Fosse Parish Council (Tim Evans).

The Group was formed in response to ongoing concerns about traffic volumes and speeds on the local road network. We meet every three months to consider ways of reducing problems, specifically on the B3153 (from the A371 to Lydford A37 traffic lights)

We know of several ‘unreported’ accidents or ‘near misses’, along with other incidents, on the road that don’t get logged in official police records. In order to collate these for further research and information, we’d like local residents to send any incident  details (from the beginning of 2018 if you can remember them) to:


Alternatively, please send a letter with the details to: B3153 reports (FAO Councillor Sally Snook) Castle Cary Town Council, Castle Cary, BA7 7AH

Reporting problems on our local roads: https://www.somerset.gov.uk/roads-and-transport/report-a-pothole-or-road-defect/

Temporary Road Closure: ttro401170SS – Fosse Way, The Charltons
Please follow the link to view the above road closure; https://one.network/?tm=120460993 and the link for the Notice 2:        https://api-gb.one.network/downloads/tm/1111/3-notice-2_120460993_3298522_6e20588038.pdf

The works are expected to commence on 29th March 2021 and last for 1 day (07:30 – 17:30hrs) to enable Somerset Highways to carry out machine patching works.

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