Lydford Bulletin

SUNDAY 21st JUNE 2020

I have rather lost track of how many weeks it has been since we all started with Lockdown since when things have eased and a degree of normality may be on the horizon though I doubt we are anything like out of the woods yet. However, Marion and I did do a click and collect on Thursday followed by a foray into Aldi and we now have haircuts booked for 3 weeks time. Even the dentist for a broken tooth is available next week and the Summer Solstice has passed for the 81st time since I was born. That was at the beginning of WWII when the outcome must have looked very much in doubt and the prospects far more dire than they do now so a remain optimistic and shall put my ‘pen’ away for the time being.

I look forward to the day when we can circulate freely again and hope to see you there.

Andrew (

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